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Stephe has appeared as a featured guest artist on platforms throughout the U.S. and Canada, sharing  his unique outlook on hair design with countless thousands of hair designers
   Equally at home with a variety of industry topics, his educational formats are varied and far reaching.
  His sincere approach to education makes learning easy and enjoyable, with concepts designed to bring you  to the forefront of your profession.    
Cutting Skills
   Learn the use of shear and razor over comb, as well as texturizing, scissor, and razor                                   techniques for creating a variety of looks and textures. Available as demonstration or                                     workshop format.  Work is performed on mannequins.                                                                                            

Divide and Conquer
   A logical Approach to long hair design. It's easy to become overwhelmed by a head of long hair. The best way to avoid this pitfalls to "Divide and Conquer", attacking in a logical, sequential manner, planning your strategy and winning the long hair war. Available as demonstration or participation workshop.  Workshop participants perform work on mannequins.  This class briefly takes you through the analysis of face and head shape, body structure, etc.,

Say What ???
   In today's world we need special skills to succeed, such as the ability to "speak the                                                  same language" as your client. If you're on different wavelengths, you'll never make                                                    that sale or talk them into that great new cut. Remember, it's not just WHAT you say,                                                  but... HOW you say it.

Colour Psyche 101
What is colour really thinking and how it works.  Learn about the chemistry of colour, varying developer volumes and processing for understanding how to get the most out of your colour services.

Texture, the fabric of style
Perm Chemistry and step by step primer for giving the best perms ever,                            as well as trouble shooting for long lasting perms that look great.  
Thermal Relaxing, a generic primer
  Whether you call it Japanese straighteneing, rebonding, thermal reconditioneing or whatever, this is a step by step course on how to do "Japanese Style" relaxing without having to buy expensive kits. Learn about how the process works and how to perform it on most hair types, easily and safely for the best results.
Some Available Classes Include;
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